The Second Anglican Church in Sandwich, Ontario

From The Township of Sandwich, Past and Present by Frederick Neal
published in 1909 by Frederick Neal, Sandwich, Ont.

In 1815 efforts were made to rebuild the church.   Assistance was obtained, not only from England but also from the United States.   Bricks were brought from Buffalo, the edifice was completed contemperanous with Christ Church, Amherstburg in the year 1818.

In reference to the burning of the church, Doctor, afterwards Bishop Strachan, writes in 1814:   "The enemy have twice captured the town since the spring of 1813, all the public buildings have been burnt, and much loss sustained by many of the inhabitants."   The S. P. G. Societies report: "The Americans also took possession of Sandwich and Niagara, they burnt the church there, carrying off from Sandwich the church books.''

George Gray, of Sandwich, who with his brother Thomas, had the contract of the woodwork and assisted in rebuilding the edifice in 1872, says that he found several pieces of burnt wood and glass, which is additional evidence of the rash acts of Harrison's men in 1813.

The late Nelson Jenkins, of Walkerville, said that his father was married in the church and thought that it was the first marriage solemnized, which was July 25, 1818.

The present steeple was built in 1852 by William Bartlett, late of H. M. Customs and brother of the present Police Magistrate was the contractor; Andrew Botsford and Alanson Elliott assisted Mr. Bartlet in the work at the time.
Stained glass window showing the Nativity in the present
St John's Anglican Church

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